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ATL Mailbag: Could the New York Giants repeat?

Here we are, set to begin Week 3 of the preseason. The big show is approaching. How amped are you?

Before the action starts, let's kill a little time with an Around the League mailbag. As always, these are actual questions from our Twitter followers:

Let's go with second-year back Jacquizz Rodgers, currently No. 3 on the Atlanta Falcons' depth chart. Michael Turner isn't getting better, and the shifty Rodgers' ability to make plays in space has to be attractive to a Falcons offense looking to reinvent itself in 2012. Rodgers might not explode the way DeMarco Murray did in Dallas, but he's a "super sleeper," according to fantasy guy Adrian Mojica.

I believe keeping Vick upright is less about the line and more about the decisions the quarterback makes. Yes, the protection broke down on the play in which he bruised his ribs on Monday night, but Vick also left himself wide open for Jermaine Cunningham by hanging in the pocket too long and attempting a deep pass that was unnecessary on Aug. 20. Vick needs to play smarter, but he admitted Thursday that might not be possible.

No. Unless said NY fans got a hold of some really powerful stuff.

I agree with you on the Giants being set up, but for different reasons. This is just a really good football team, battle-tested, confident, and with depth on both sides of the ball. The Giants have had a propensity for regular-season funks in the Eli/Coughlin era, but I see this as a 11- or 12-win team. I'd beware of the revenge-minded Packers in the playoffs, however.

Daniel's question encapsulates the fear running through the head of every Packers fan this summer. Harrell was certifiably awful against the Cleveland Browns last week, leading to serious questions if he can fill Matt Flynn's shoes at backup. If Harrell plays the way he did against the Browns? You're right, they may never win a game. But Mike McCarthy has to assume Harrell will improve from that point.

If not, the Pack will surely be in the market for a new understudy to Aaron Rodgers.

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