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ATL Mailbag: Colin Kaepernick to Bills in draft do-over?

The NFL Scouting Combine is in the rearview, the beginning of free agency is near. Dan Hanzus takes questions from you, the reader, and answers them in the latest ATL Mailbag.

A loaded question for a loaded draft class. For the record, here's how the top five went down in April 2011.

Not a bad top five, huh? The Bills are the only team here that should be rattled by drafter's remorse. Other stars from this class include: J.J. Watt, Richard Sherman, Julio Jones, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith, Muhammad Wilkerson and Randall Cobb.

Now let's hit the reset button:

The Panthers stay with Newton, a legit franchise cornerstone. There's no way the Broncos can pass on Watt, shaping up as the greatest D-lineman of his generation. The Bills finally find their true successor in Kaepernick -- at least, as long as Chan Gailey can develop the QB half as well as Jim Harbaugh (fingers crossed?). The Bengals stick with A.J. Green, who has blossomed into a superstar despite Andy Dalton being prominently involved. Finally, the Cardinals are sticking with Peterson, a true shutdown corner in an era where that's never been more important.

Von Miller's year keeps getting worse.

Foles certainly put enough on tape last season to earn the trust of Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Even better, Foles is unlikely to have Michael Vick or another glitzy backup looking over his shoulder. Foles is The Man in Philadelphia until further notice.

As for True Detective, I'll just go ahead and hope the killer is Woody Harrelson's first crazy mistress. If Alexandra Daddario was an NFL prospect, she'd be Jadeveon Clowney with the motor of John Henry.

A Madden tournament would be fun for the players, but I could see it becoming tedious. (Is there anything more boring than watching other people play video games?) I propose one of those really great bar trivia nights, the ones where the heavy-set guy running it is almost too invested. This event would be a massive upgrade over the Wonderlic.

In the present day, Belichick easy. BB's definitely got that SDS (Sneaky Dad Strength). The slimmed-down Rex is starting to get that Jared From Subway stink on him. Ryan is to be commended for living a healthier lifestyle, but he simply no longer cuts an imposing figure. All that said, I imagine ol' Rex could beat me down in a vicious manner.

While we're here ...

This probably won't happen, though I love the idea of Chris Johnson and Steven Jackson sharing a backfield together. While we're in 2010, let's buy an iPhone 4, play some Rock Band, then curl up on the couch to watch the Lost finale.

As fans of this great sport, we should never forgive the Vikings if they don't make a concerted effort to give Adrian Peterson a franchise quarterback before he gets old.

Here's the complete list of quarterbacks who have started in Minnesota since Peterson entered the league in 2007: Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger, Gus Frerotte, Good Brett Favre, Bad Brett Favre, Joe Webb, Christian Ponder, The Remains Of Donovan McNabb, Prodigal Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel.

That's freaking grisly. If the Vikings can't give Peterson a legitimate QB before the end of his prime, they should trade him to an organization that can.

Lightning round


No, but that's OK since said chip is completely imaginary. Actually, check that. I just put a fresh chip on the shoulder of every relevant Seahawk. All set.

So would I rather be the Tennessee Titans or the Dallas Cowboys? That's some Sophie's choice stuff right there.

The Wonderwalls, of course.

Anything that's ever gone wrong for the Dirty Birds can be traced back to MC Hammer. He is patient zero in The Great Falcons Ass Debate® of 2014.

Until next time ...

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