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ATL Game Rewind: A closer look at Cowboys vs. Bucs

Each Sunday provides a smorgasbord of NFL action, too much action to fully digest regardless of your skills with the remote control. In ATL Game Rewind, we go back and take a closer look at one of Sunday's games. Dan Hanzus re-watched the Dallas Cowboys' 16-10 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What I loved ...

»Tony Romo doesn't get enough credit for being a tough dude. He took some wicked shots in this game, including crushing hits from defensive end Michael Bennett and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. Romo keeps his eyes up, consequences be damned.

What I liked ...

» The Bucs have now sandwiched one stinker between two gems on defense. Bennett and McCoy combined for two sacks, and the secondary did a great job limiting big plays, a specialty in the Cowboys' offense.

»Dez Bryant has yet to find the end zone this season, but a monster game is coming ... soon. Bryant is such an impressive athlete, he jumps out at you when you watch Dallas play. Fantasy owners, stay patient.

What I didn't like ...

»Jason Witten is not Jason Witten right now. Two drops, two false starts, and a terrible beat in pass protection that nearly got Romo killed. His six drops have already matched his total from last season. On the FOX telecast, Troy Aikman said Witten is "heavily bandaged" and not healthy. Perhaps he shouldn't be on the field then?

» This Cowboys offensive line remains a serious concern. When a game-changing back like DeMarco Murray runs for 38 yards on 18 carries, something is wrong. Romo took too many clean shots. There were also six false starts in a game that was played at home. Yikes.

» The LeGarrette Blount leapfrog move is going to end very poorly one day.

What I hated ...

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»Buccaneers fans have to be feeling queasy about the Josh Freeman Era. After converting a Romo interception into a touchdown on their first drive, the Bucs' next nine drives included an interception and eight punts. Freeman missed open receivers and struggled to diagnose and react to the blitz. It has to be deflating to a Bucs defense that's busting its butt.

» The Bucs coaching staff is already my least favorite in football. Let's set aside a second straight week of ridiculous Greg Schiano kneel-down shenanigans, which were just as dumb in Week 3 as they were against the Giants last Sunday.

My real beef: How is offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan calling two Doug Martin draw plays when the Bucs were deep in their own territory and trailing by nine points with three minutes to play? Joe Buck and Aikman almost passed out in the booth after the second run. I felt woozy myself.

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