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ATL Buzz Report: The Super Bowl XLVII edition

Each day during Super Bowl week, Around The League's Dan Hanzus breaks down all of the exciting happenings in New Orleans. The ATL Buzz Report: Super Bowl XLVII Edition.


1. Beyonce takes over

Beyonce's Super Bowl press conference was a bizarre pop spectacle. One day she will rule us all with a furious iron fist. Don't say we didn't warn you.

2. Gronk's big decision

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was asked which utensil he'd choose if he only had one for the rest of his life. 18.6 seconds later: "A big spoon."

3. Down the toilet

Jim Harbaugh believes he dropped his phone that had a voicemail from Bill Walsh in the toilet. Stunningly intense coaches: They're just like you!

4. The fans are coming!

The buzz is building in New Orleans. Fans began showing up at Radio Row, including this guy. No, it wasn't Jack Harbaugh. At least, we don't think so.

5. Big D blame game

Emmitt Smith doesn't blame Jerry Jones for the Cowboys' woes in recent years. Fun fact: Tony Romo is 84 percent responsible for all of Earth's struggles.

6. Available for interviews

Not every player is in high demand at these Super Bowl media gatherings. Pictured: San Francisco 49ers players use old and new media to pass the time.

7. Culliver's long walk

We were there when Chris Culliver made the walk to his table for media availability this morning. He looked like a man being led to the electric chair.

8. Beware of Akers

People have been asking David Akers why he stinks for four straight days. If Sunday doesn't get here soon, we're going to have a Private Pyle situation.


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