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ATL Buzz Report: The Super Bowl XLVII edition

All week before Super Bowl XLVII, Dan Hanzus brings you a daily ATL Buzz Report, which breaks down the hot-button subplots from N'awlins. This space also will serve as an indicator Dan is still alive.


1. Harbaugh on 'The Head'

Thanks to Jim Harbaugh, whose talk about his large-headed young son reminded us of an underrated Mike Myers comedy. "It's like an orange on a toothpick!"

2. Father knows best

We look forward to a possible scenario in which Joe Flacco lifts the Lombardi Trophy above his head and angrily proclaims, "Still think I'm dull, DAD!?!?"

3. More Moss please

We hope Randy Moss brings back "Moss TV" in some form on Media Day. No one picks a booger in front of an attentive audience like the Straight Cash Homey.

4. Ray-Ray on 'SNL'

Ray Lewis said the spoof of him on "Saturday Night Live" was so funny it left him in tears. Who has harder working tear ducts than Ray Lewis? Nobody.

5. Ask Rog anything

The NFL Commissioner answered questions from fans on Reddit. It all went smoothly ... besides the back door Rickrolling by Chris Kluwe.

6. Jim's poker face

Jim Harbaugh jokingly took offense to a reporter asking about his Sharpie "necklace." At least we think he was joking. It's impossible to tell with Harbaugh.

7. Save Willis!

Patrick Willis does not wear No. 52 in honor of Ray Lewis. Please, please, please stop asking him about it. You're going to drive the man insane. He deserves better.

8. Hurricane watch

Perhaps the most famous drink on Bourbon Street also is the most dangerous. This great red doom is the enemy of the functioning sportswriter. You are warned.


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