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ATL Buzz Report: Super Bowl Media Day edition

Each day during Super Bowl week, Around The League's Dan Hanzus breaks down all the exciting happenings in New Orleans. The ATL Buzz Report: Super Bowl XLVII Edition.


1. Moss: I'm the best

Randy Moss has only been a 49er for a year, so he can be excused for not having heard of Jerry Rice. This also might be some high-level trolling.

2. Harbaugh's odd fashion

Here's our question: Is Jim Harbaugh wearing the same clothes every day, or does he have an unlimited collection of khakis and black 49ers shirts?

3. More Moss please

Randy Moss -- a true superstar on Super Bowl Media Day -- was asked if he ever had a Manti Te'o-like imaginary girlfriend. "If I did, I never told anybody about it."

4. Flacco says sorry

Joe Flacco apologized for calling a cold-weather Super Bowl a "retarded" idea. His publicist officially can cease the hyperventilation stage.

5. What happened, Rob?

In non-Nawlins news, we'd love to know what Rob Ryan did to lose the Rams' coordinator job. A joke about someone's mother? Loud bodily function? We need to know.

6. Media Day challenge

We're all for people dressing up on Media Day, but it's time for innovation. A fresh talent who can render the Pick Boy completely irrelevant. This can be done.

7. Mr. T's long walk

Radio Row was more like death row for Mike Tannenbaum, in town to look for a job but forced to talk entirely about his failings with the Jets. Run for cover, Mr. T.

8. Kyle's sad story

Poor Kyle Williams. He made the Super Bowl, and all anybody still wants to talk about is that game against the Giants. He deserves better. Maybe next year.


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