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ATL answers Andrew Luck, J.P. Losman questions

This is one of the quietest days on the NFL calendar. You should be enjoying barbecue instead of reading about football, but we're not going to complain. In fact, we decided to get your help.

I made a call on our Twitter account for some Independence Day mailbag questions, and here's what we came up with:

From: @jaketesta: Really, what can we expect from the Luck-y Colts Offense THIS year, and where do you project it ends up?

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I'm not optimistic. Rookie quarterbacks have raised the bar lately, but Andrew Luck is not playing with a stacked deck. The Indianapolis Colts' offensive line, running back group and receivers are all below league average. Luck will have to play very well just to put up respectable numbers.

He's such a pro-ready quarterback that he's bound to learn and improve down the stretch. How Luck plays in December will be telling, but this is really a season about survival. If he can win 4-6 games and stay healthy, it will have been a success for Luck.

From: @northpatexpat Will J.P. Losman make an NFL roster this year?

Clearly, the reader knows that I'm a Tulane graduate. And clearly, the reader does not follow J.P. Losman on Twitter. Former college teammate Mewelde Moore has officially outlasted Losman.

From @Raiderboy4: What do you think about this?

Raiderboy4 is asking about a reported plan to have microphones on players that allow fans to listen in on game action live, and I think it sounds pretty incredible. I would love to hear the trash talk and what happens in the huddle. Especially if the players' feed isn't censored.

From: @NoleKennedy: seems like consensus is to try to draft a stud QB early- is this a good year for 'doing the opposite' & wait on a QB?

A fantasy question to get me sharp for the season! I'm not big on pre-draft strategy. Just take the best players instead of going into drafts with a big plan. I'm all for taking quarterbacks earlier than in days past, but the field is deeper than ever. Don't be in a huge rush. Running back and tight end are shallower positions. Waiting on a quarterback is just fine.

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