As Vick tries to quiet controversy, others weigh in about hits

While Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vickbacked off comments Monday after  criticizing officials one day earlier for what he considered to be a perceived lack of protection, the issue continues to pick up steam.

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San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday that his team has filed reports with the NFL about some of the hits that quarterback Alex Smith has taken without a penalty being called, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area reported.

Harbaugh added he was satisfied with the answers he received from the league, but Smith has been sacked 11 times over the past two games and sustained a concussion in a 27-24 Week 2 overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The issue goes beyond quarterbacks. New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck went on record Monday as saying that opponents are targeting his neck after he suffered a neck burner that kept him out in Week 1 and reoccurred Sunday against the Eagles.

"I think a lot of teams know I have been having a little issue with it," Tuck said on his weekly WFAN-AM appearance (via the New York Post), adding the issue won't keep him from playing. "I don't want to be Michael Vick here, but they are kind of going at my head a little bit, too. It is going to be something that we can battle through and it is something that I can battle through right now."

Tuck was on the other side when Vick was hurt, but he said he didn't see anything dirty.

"I know we took some shots at him, but that's football, and that is something we wanted to do coming into that football game," Tuck said.

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