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Are the New York Jets suffering from a lack of talent?

With all of the drama surrounding the New York Jets, NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi detailed one simple fact.

"It's a lack of talent," Lombardi said. "When you break down this offense, who's (Mark Sanchez) going to throw the ball to? ... They don't have anybody to make a play down the field.

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"When you look at this team and go back over time, ever since 2009 the team has gotten worse. ... Every move they've made, they've gotten progressively worse through the seasons and it's showing up this year. ... This is strictly a talent issue."

The Jets are ranked No. 30 in the NFL in total offense, and Sanchez has not played well by any definition. At the same time, there hasn't been any help from his receivers since Santonio Holmes was lost for the season. Lombardi noted the franchise hasn't hit on draft picks and still hasn't replaced running back Thomas Jones.

Lombardi doesn't see any changes in the near future due to the way the Jets have structured guarantees in the contracts of players like Tim Tebow, Bart Scott and Holmes.

"It's going to continue next year," Lombardi said.

The question becomes: How long can coach Rex Ryan last if the roster can't be turned over? Something has to change.

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