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Antrel Rolle: A.J. Green 'better duck' Sunday vs. Giants

A.J. Green isn't known for talking trash, so his words about the New York Giants' defense Thursday morning on WFAN-AM come as a surprise.

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"I feel like they've got a lot of holes in their defense," the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver said, via

Less of a surprise: The relatively innocuous comments were picked up in New York, puffed up a bit and relayed to the most talkative member of the Giants' defense. Take it away, Antrel Rolle.

"I'll talk with my pads come Sunday. That's how I approach the game. That's how we always approach the game," Rolle said. "If he sees me, he better duck. That's it. ...

"Honestly, I don't give a flying f--- about what he says, man. That's just the reality of it. I could really care less. It don't matter to me."

Green lauded the Giants' pass rush, but he didn't say much about the secondary. New York is one of the worst teams in the NFL in terms of giving up big plays. That's where the holes are, and Green knows it.

Meanwhile, Rolle better hope he doesn't actually make Green "duck" Sunday. His words have ensured the NFL will be paying close attention to Mr. Rolle.

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