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Antonio Brown on final play: 'I thought I had (TD) clean'

The Pittsburgh Steelers believed they had won Sunday against the Miami Dolphins before referees correctly ruled that Antonio Brown stepped out of bounds.

"I thought he was in. I celebrated," safety Ryan Clark said, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Coach Mike Tomlin said: "I thought he was in."

"I thought it was a touchdown," Le'Veon Bell echoed.

Ben Roethlisberger added: "I thought we scored."

"I thought I had it clean," Brown said himself. "I thought I separated really well getting to the sidelines, but it didn't seem quite enough."

As you clearly can see in the above video, Brown stepped out of bounds at the 12-yard line. The half-inch answered the prayers of Dolphins coach Joe Philbin.

"Please step out of bounds," Philbin said he was thinking.

The game came down to the final play because the Steelers' defense gave up 34 points to Ryan Tannehill (who never had played quarterback in the snow before Sunday's game) and the Dolphins' offense. The failure likely ended the Steelers' shot at the postseason.

Clark summed up the Steelers' failed, wacky final play best.

"When you put yourself in a position where you are banking on Marcus Gilbert handling the ball for you to win the game, that means you haven't done what you were supposed to do earlier."

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