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Anthony Jeselnik on the best NFL players to roast

I've had some strange, cool moments since joining the NFL in March. Nothing has been cooler or stranger than watching one of my best friends, Anthony Jeselnik -- the Godfather to my daughter Ellis -- appear on the "Rich Eisen Podcast".

It's still strange to me that people know Anthony, but I'm getting used to it. He's done the last two Comedy Central roasts with another coming in August and his own show coming as well.

I'll stop now before I sound any more like a proud friend of this derelict made good. And I can't think of any stories from our years as roommates at Tulane or in Los Angeles that don't include something illegal. (Although Anthony thought of one that included the threat of urination and the 2001 AFC Championship.)

So just listen to his segment. If you don't think its funny, you have a bad sense of humor.

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