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Another Eagles loss leaves Philly fans completely outraged

People who don't like Philadelphia sports fans must be relishing the misery that has befallen the City of Brotherly Love.

Not surprisingly, they're flying off the handle.

Earlier this week, the Phillies choked at home against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 5 of baseball's divisional playoffs. To pour salt in that wound, the Eagles followed last week's meltdown with their fourth consecutive loss, 31-24 to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, behind four interceptions thrown by Michael Vick.

Dream Team? We're not even going there anymore. We're beyond that. And based on what's said in the above video, it sounds like Andy Reid's exile from Pat's and Geno's will continue for another week.

"Once again, this team is putrid," an Eagles fan said on WIP-FM. "I am calling for the immediate firing of Andy Reid."

Really, that says it all about Philly fans.

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