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Andy Reid: Michael Vick has 'significant' concussion

Michael Vick was woozy in the locker room following the Philadelphia Eagles' season-killing loss, with the trainer Rick Burkholder needing to hold Vick by the hand at one point.

This does not sound like one of those "mild" concussions that teams usually try to sell when they want a player to return to the lineup quickly. Vick has a "pretty significant" concussion according to coach Andy Reid.

"He was a little foggy last night after the incident. Today he's resting. Right now, at this period, it's very important that he rests," Reid said. "He has a headache is what he's got -- a pretty good one."

Reid went on to say that rookie Nick Foles will take all the first-team reps in practice Wednesday. Reid essentially announced Foles as the starter this week against the Washington Redskins without saying it. Reid stressed Vick will be the team's starter when healthy, but said Foles will get a chance.

"Nick will do a nice job," Reid said. "Excited to see him play."

If Foles plays well and the Eagles win, it's hard to imagine the team going back to Vick. If they lose, is it worth going back to a veteran for a team out of the playoff mix?

The severity of this concussion makes it sound like Vick could be out more than a week anyhow, so Reid may not have to decide for a while.

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