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Andy Reid: Eagles will evaluate Michael Vick as we go

The Philadelphia Eagles are 2-1 on the season. The level of panic in Philadelphia is more indicative of an 0-3 squad.

"Right now we're with Michael. We'll evaluate it as we go," Reid said, via

This wasn't just coachspeak. Reid knows exactly how those words will play in Philadelphia and in Vick's noggin. You don't hear Bill Belichick say he'll "evaluate" Tom Brady. John Fox doesn't say Peyton Manning is his quarterback "right now."

It might seem unfair to compare Vick to those two players, but those are the expectations. Vick earns $12.5 million this year and $15.5 million next year. That's assuming he's even around next year.

Reid wouldn't make this weak of an endorsement of Vick unless he had another option. Rookie Nick Foles was highly impressive in the preseason, and Reid might want to take a look at him. It's possible Foles would be a better option behind a leaky offensive line.

This season, Vick officially has been "hit" 28 times, which is the highest number in the NFL. The Fox broadcast counted 21 hits for him Sunday's 27-6 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, and that's an outrageous number. The offensive line deserves a lot of the blame, but Vick's decision-making is part of the problem. He has accounted for four touchdowns this season and turned over the ball nine times.

If Vick doesn't turn that ratio around, Reid's evaluation will only get tougher.

UPDATE: Reid gave a stronger endorsement to Vick later Monday during an interview on WIP-AM in Philadelphia, according to's Reuben Frank.

"Michael is our QB. Period," Reid said. "Michael is our QB. Listen, does he need to get better? Do we all need to get better? Yes."

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