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Andy Reid drafts another development QB in Nick Foles

NEW YORK -- If there's anything Andy Reid likes more than the "big uglies" up front, it's having a backup quarterback to develop.

Meet Nick Foles. The Philadelphia Eagles selected the Arizona quarterback Friday with the 88th overall pick in the 2012 draft.

"You're getting a big man, but also a big athlete, not necessarily a runner, but he has good feet and good presence," Reid said, according to The Associated Press. "I like the way he throws the football, and he's also a smart guy, which helps."

Foles isn't especially mobile, as Reid said, and doesn't fit the normal mold of a Reid-style quarterback, but you still should keep an eye out for him. In three years, his will be the hottest name on the trade market, even though he'll have had just a few starts. The Eagles will acquire multiple picks in exchange for him, Foles will sign a huge contract, and then it will be time for Reid to draft another backup quarterback.

If he hasn't already drafted a few more by then.

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