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Andrew Luck's toughness loved by Indianapolis Colts

The play had to make you laugh. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had just thrown an interception and was determined to do something about it. Dawan Landry raced up the field near the sideline and Luck came flying in helmet first. The ball was pitched, but Landry was taken out just above the knees.

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We're not sure Deion Sanders ever attempted a tackle with such ferocity (and this isn't even the first time Luck used the hit stick).

"If I'm going to be the one who turns the ball over, I'm damn sure going to at least try and stop the guy," Luck said, according to Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole.

Luck was clearly ticked off. You could almost read his mind during the sprint.

Left tackle Anthony Castonzo translated for us.

"Oh, I know what exactly what he was thinking after that interception," Castonzo said. "He was like, 'That mother effer, I'm going to go get him.'"

That's why teammates fell in love with the rookie so quickly. Luck works as hard as anyone. Studies as hard as anyone. Plays as hard as anyone. And cares as much as anyone.

How many quarterbacks have we seen walk in the opposite direction after a pick?

"Man, that was nice, that show of toughness," linebacker Moise Fokou said. "You see the quarterback do that, take one for the team like that, it gets you fired up, knowing he's going to be just like the rest of us.

"Just don't do it too much. Maybe once a year for the first couple years. Then we'll show the tape every year to the new guys and say, 'Yeah, this is our guy, look at how tough he is.'"

Luck showed on national television what Colts fans have watched on a weekly basis. Robert Griffin III has received more attention in 2012, but Indy is more than happy with their quarterback.

UPDATE:Colts interim coach Bruce Arians critiqued his quarterback's tackling technique Friday, smiling and saying "As long as it's (his) left shoulder," via Phillip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star.

Arians then added that he'd prefer his franchise quarterback to not put himself in that position.

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