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Andrew Luck's reported mental acuity tested by Colts

In the months leading up to April's NFL draft, Andrew Luck was regarded as a quarterback both physically talented and highly cerebral.

The second part of that description is being tested in rookie minicamp with the Indianapolis Colts. Much is being thrown Luck's way. Coach Chuck Pagano sees it as part of the process.

"Give 'em a ton now, and then they'll come back and figure it out later," Pagano said Saturday, according to The Indianapolis Star. "We're excited where they're at."

Luck currently is in the process of trying to digest the Colts' entire playbook.

"Like all of them, he'll be the first to tell you he's spinning, too," Pagano said. "But I think he's doing a great job picking up the terminology, the lingo."

Let's hope Luck picks things up quickly, because veteran teammate Reggie Wayne isn't expecting a slow burn back to respectability in Indianapolis.

"Too old to be rebuilding," Wayne said. "The only thing I'm rebuilding is the cars in my garage."

Well said, but now we're wondering if Wayne even took a cursory glance at the Colts' roster before signing that free-agent deal.

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