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Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne build quick Colts rapport

Reggie Wayne went to five Pro Bowls with Peyton Manning putting the ball in the air in Indianapolis. So, what was his first advice for the new Colts quarterback Andrew Luck? Throw it to the open guy. Oh, and I'm always open.

Luck and Wayne have been plenty productive together. Wayne ranks No. 4 in receptions (23) and No. 5 in reception yards (294). The quarterback reminisced about his first meetings with Wayne.

"I don't do it perfectly, but I try to have an open mind when meeting any new teammates, any new person, try to avoid using early judgment before meeting someone and judging their character or who they are," Luck said. "There's definitely a worry of 'There's Reggie Wayne, a big-time receiver, is he going to be hard to relate? It's going to be impossible to talk to him' which definitely isn't the case. He's quiet. He sort of just goes abut his business.

"I think he expects everybody else to go about their business with as much attention to detail and focus as he does. I've said it earlier, but I think it's great for this locker room, especially these young guys. I'm continually impressed by him every day. The work ethic he brings, the nice, calming influence he brings as well."

But Wayne did say he's always open, right?

"Absolutely," Luck said. "Even as a Pop Warner kid, you knew that the receiver that was, and I don't want to say complaining, but maybe lobbying for the ball.

"He's deserved that right. It's an honor for me just to throw the ball to him."

Luck hasn't had to force the ball to Wayne, though at 33 years old, most receivers are on the backside of their careers.

"He gets open," Luck said. "He has an uncanny knack for when it's zone, where the hole is going to be based on where the other routes are running. When it's man, he's got all the tricks up his sleeve about how to get open, and when he's covered, someone else is open. When you put too many guys on him or send a couple of guys towards him, someone else will be open.

"He means so much to this offense."

That's been one of the first steps of a fairly smooth transition into the Luck era. Any concern whether the rookie and veteran would click has been quickly put to rest.

Next step: Offensive line.

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