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Andrew Luck explains why he does fewer ads than RG3

Robert Griffin III is everywhere. He's in national ads for Adidas, Subway and Gatorade. There is a 74-foot tall image of Griffin looming over Washington D.C.

Even the Redskins have got into the act, printing T-shirts of Griffin and Andrew Luck for this Saturday's rookie "QB showdown."

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While Griffin is everywhere, Andrew Luck is in Indianapolis. Luck chose not to pursue national marketing opportunities before his rookie season. His profile also will be lower because the Colts will be featured on national television only one time all season. The Redskins are consistently a good national draw.

Bob Kravitz of The Indianapolis Star wrote about Luck's choice to eschew some early cash, and we echo his point that there is no right way to "market" yourself. Both players should do whatever they want.

Luck put it well.

"I really didn't have much time," he said. "And I wanted to make sure I had time to handle the stuff that mattered, whether it was moving into an apartment, finishing school or learning the playbook. There was so much going on, I figured the less time I spent promoting myself or doing ads, the better for me. I figured I'd wait and hopefully, at some point, a big fish will come along.'

"And really, to each his own. I don't necessarily think my way is the right way. It's what's best for each person. It's fun to see Robert capitalizing on his situation."

The rookie wage scale lowered Luck's first contract, but it's not like the guy is starving.

"I'm living fine right now," he said. "I'll focus now on football, and maybe after the season is over, we'll pursue some other opportunities, maybe something in the Silicon Valley. But for now, the time isn't right."

As preseason games go, Saturday's Redskins-Colts showdown is tough to top. It will be even better when the two face off in a game that counts. By then, we're sure Luck will be in plenty of ads.

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