Andrea Kremer, Hannah Storm will return to 'TNF'

Following a history making collaboration in the broadcast booth, an encore presentation has been set for the Andrea Kremer and Hannah Storm.

In 2018, the duo became the initial all-women's announcing team for an NFL game, calling a Week Four clash between the Los Angeles Rams and Minnesota Vikings, and in 2019 Kremer and Storm will return to Amazon Prime to call "Thursday Night Football" games, Amazon announced on Thursday.

"It's validation," Kremer said via The Associated Press. "You want to be able to show with actions not just words that what we did was meaningful and entertaining and people wanted to watch and listen to us and considered us a viable option to the other great choices that are out there. The fact that Amazon made this decision sooner than we expected was just a real joy to us and made us feel like we were the right choice."

Having two women lead an NFL broadcast was new as were the roles for Kremer and Storm, as Kremer is an Emmy Award-winning reporter and Storm, with a long tenure as an anchor and studio host, had sparingly done play-by-play work with the WNBA.

"When you do something no one has ever done before, you open yourself up to a certain level of risk because you can be at times heavily criticized," Storm said. "They're people who might not like the idea of women doing football or basketball or baseball. There will always be people who push back on something that is not the norm. We wanted to make sure we were comfortable with that element of it, which we were."

Storm and Kremer provided an alternative English-language feed for viewers who wanted a change from the FOX broadcast of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

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