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Analysts: Randy Gregory, Shaq Thompson have most to prove

All 256 picks are in from the 2015 NFL Draft and the freshly selected players are already making their way to a new NFL city for rookie mini-camps that begin this weekend.

While every player heads to professional football with quite a bit of pressure to live up to or exceed expectations, there are a few more that will find every move they make scrutinized a bit more than others. NFL Media analysts scanned the list of all 256 selections and there were a few names who stood out to them as to having the most to prove when they step on the field.

"I'll say Randy Gregory. He's not a first-round pick, but I think teammates will be interested to see how he shows up, is he serious and if he can be trusted," former scout Daniel Jeremiah said on NFL Network's "Path to the Draft." "He has to prove that he can be trustworthy to the Dallas Cowboys. A lot of incidents with him, they've all been documented, now he has a chance like everybody else. All eyes will be on him."

Gregory was Jeremiah's No. 11 player overall in the draft, but notably slipped to the second round and the No. 60 overall pick before the Dallas Cowboys scooped him up. The franchise has taken in its fair share of players with excess baggage over the years, but there's no denying that the Nebraska edge rusher has a chance to leave a mark early in his career given his obvious talent and the team's defensive needs.

That's not the only player who will enter camp with all eyes on him though.

"Dave Gettleman, the GM in Carolina, has won back-to-back division titles, but people down there are still saying, 'What are you doing?' They're going to do it again because Shaq Thompson was his No. 1 pick," NFL Media analyst Charles Davis said. "Safety, outside linebacker, what is he going to play? Most people though they would go offensive tackle in the first round but they doubled-down and got Devin Funchess in the second round. Shaq Thompson will have a lot to prove."

Welcome to the NFL rookies, no pressure. Two players might be already feeling the heat already though.

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