'Most dominant' prospect

Last year, it was Jadeveon Clowney. This year's most talented player might also be a defensive lineman. Read

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  1. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Jeremiah: Winston more ready to contribute in pros than Mariota

    Jameis Winston is the clear choice for NFL clubs looking for immediate draft help at the position, according to NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Read

  2. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Gordon or Gurley? LT reveals his pick

    The debate over which running back will be selected first in the upcoming draft hit Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIX, with former Chargers star LaDainian Tomlinson weighing in with his choice. Read

  3. Pro Comparison: Randy Gregory

    Bucky Brooks takes a look at NFL prospect Randy Gregory and discusses which NFL player he compares best with. Watch
  4. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    2014 All-Pro Team: Draft history for every player

    From quarterback Aaron Rodgers to kick returner Adam Jones, CFB 24/7 dissects the 2014 All-Pro team and breaks down where each player was selected in the NFL draft. Read

  5. Pro Comparison: Shane Ray

    Bucky Brooks takes a look at NFL prospect Shane Ray and discusses which NFL player he compares best with. Watch
  6. GMs 'fearful' of taking quarterback high in draft

    Scouts at the 2015 Senior Bowl were not able to have extensive interaction with Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston, adding to apprehensions about the draft's top two quarterbacks. Read

  7. Pro Comparison: Landon Collins

    Bucky Brooks takes a look at NFL prospect Landon Collins and discusses which NFL player he compares best with. Watch
  8. 2015 NFL Draft

    Bucky Brooks mock draft 1.0

    In his initial mock, Bucky Brooks has Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Marcus Mariota dropping out of the top half of the first round. See all the projected first-round picks. Read

  9. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Sources Tell Us: Will Eagles mortgage future?

    If Marcus Mariota falls on draft day, will the Eagles be further tempted to risk a king's ransom to get Chip Kelly's former QB? That and more from our Senior Bowl insiders in this week's Sources Tell Us. Read

  10. Debate: Should Bucs draft Winston at No. 1?

    If you were the GM of the Buccaneers, would you feel comfortable taking quarterback Jameis Winston with the 2015 draft's No. 1 overall pick? CFB 24/7's experts weigh in. Read

  11. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    74 underclassmen eligible for '15 draft

    The NFL has released the names of the 74 underclassmen granted eligibility for the 2015 NFL Draft. For the first time in more than 50 years, the draft will take place in Chicago (April 30-May 2). Read

  12. Who should've stayed?

    Not every underclassman who enters the NFL draft is ready to turn pro. NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt reveals five players who should have stayed in school, and five who made the right decision. Read

  13. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Bucky's top 5 draft prospects by position

    From quarterbacks to safeties, NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks rates his top five prospects by position for the 2015 NFL Draft, and reveals what scouts around the league are saying about each player. Read

  14. 2015 NFL Draft

    Daniel Jeremiah mock draft 1.0

    Teams selecting at the top of the 2015 NFL Draft might opt to take a quarterback. Will the Heisman winner Marcus Mariota be the choice, or will Jameis Winston be the first passer off the board? Read

  15. CFB 24/7: Path to the Draft

    Top 50 NFL draft prospect rankings

    With a glimpse at the entire pool of prospects, Daniel Jeremiah breaks down the top 50 players who will be available in the 2015 NFL Draft with a pass rusher -- rather than a passer -- debuting at No. 1. Read

  16. Assessing Mariota's draft stock

    Matt “Money” Smith, Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah discuss Marcus Mariota's draft stock after the national title defeat. Did it take a hit? Plus, who are the top CFB Playoff contenders for next season? Listen

  17. Updated 2015 NFL Draft order and team needs

    NFL scouts have already been preparing for the 2015 NFL Draft, and now many teams' fan bases might also have an eye on the top college prospects. Gil Brandt takes a look at the needs for all 32 teams. Read

  18. 2015 draft to be held in Chicago on April 30 to May 2

    The NFL draft is moving out of New York, at least in 2015. The league announced that next year's draft will take place at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago. Read

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