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Alex Smith excited for Chiefs offense ideal for his skills

Alex Smith sounds comfortable in his new home.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback told NFL Network in an interview that aired Friday on "NFL Total Access" that he's excited to play for Andy Reid in an offense tailored to his skill set.

"This isn't a cookie-cutter offense," Smith said from the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, Calif. "It's not what they ran in Philly. It's not what he ran in Green Bay when he was there. He's going to try and tailor it to our strengths and what we do well."

To go along with Reid, Smith said he is glad to have Chris Ault, the architect of the pistol offense, around to teach him the nuances of the scheme. Ault agreed to join the Chiefs' coaching staff as a consultant in May.

"I don't know if I can talk about that," Smith initially joked about the Chiefs' plans to use Ault's scheme. "He's been a great addition. The more minds, the better. Who better to go to than the man who invented it? It's really great to get that background knowledge of how it evolved and how it came to be. Obviously, I had a little taste of it in San Fran, playing with Colin (Kaepernick), but now bringing him aboard -- Coach Ault -- great addition."

Smith has the athleticism to run out of the pistol, but it will be the overall diversity of Reid's offense that will buoy the Chiefs' explosiveness in 2013.

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