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Alex Smith does the right thing -- for himself and 49ers

Alex Smith didn't let the emotion of the last week get in the way of his career.

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reported Tuesday night that Smith and the 49ers agreed to terms on a new contract. We haven't seen the numbers, so it's unclear if Smith received a Jets-like financial apology from the 49ers following their flirtation with Peyton Manning.

Even if Smith simply accepted the considerable offer the 49ers put on the table for him weeks ago, staying in San Francisco was his best option. Considering the mess in Miami right now, it truly was Smith's only option.

Smith can compete for a Super Bowl title in San Francisco. Coach Jim Harbaugh believes in Smith and knows his strengths and weaknesses more than anyone. Sure, Harbaugh believed in Manning more than Smith. So does every other human being who has ever watched football.

Free agency can be ugly business. Smith reportedly was upset with how the 49ers treated him and he considering switching agents (he and Manning share the same one).

Smith understandably was emotional during negotiations over the last few days, but leaving for the Dolphins to punish the 49ers only would have punished himself.

Smith showed improved poise under pressure during the 2011 season. He did the same Tuesday, swallowing his pride and making the right choice to stay with the 49ers.

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