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Alex Boone: NFC playoffs 'will come through' 49ers

We outlined the troubles of the San Francisco 49ers one week ago, but it's clear Alex Boone doesn't read this site.

The team's starting right guard watched Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks climbed to 4-0, but it didn't alter his outlook on the campaign after a disappointing 2-2 start:

"No, not at all. We know Seattle has to come into our house. The road through the playoffs will come through us, obviously," Boone told KNBR-AM on Monday, per the 49ers' official website. "And we know they're going to play some good teams, and we control our own destiny."

There was zero debate over which was the better squad when Seattle dismantled the 49ers29-3 in Week 2. The uneven defeat revealed cracks in San Francisco's ground game and defense, but Boone and his teammates have packaged that affair away.

The 49ers still house one of the league's most talent-packed rosters, but too much of that talent -- Michael Crabtree, Patrick Willis and, now, Aldon Smith -- hasn't been on the field. After being outscored by the Seahawks 71-16 in their past two meetings, the 49ers can say whatever they feel. But this division -- today -- runs through Seattle.

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