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Airline lets fans in Russell Wilson jerseys board early

As if Seattle fans needed another reason to purchase a Russell Wilson jersey this holiday season, the MVP candidate's garb can now get them to the head of the line at the airport.

Alaska Airlines will allow passengers wearing Wilson's No. 3 Seahawks jersey to board early on flights out of the Emerald City for the duration of the Seahawks' season, according to KING-TV.

The Seattle-based airline announced a partnership with the quarterback, who has yet to lose an NFL home game. The airline did a similar promotion with the Portland Timbers (that's the other kind of "fútbol") last year. The airline marketing adds to the numerous sponsorships for Wilson, one of the NFL's most likable players.

I do have some questions about this particular campaign:

  1. What if everyone wears a Wilson jersey? (I'm just assuming every person in Seattle has one by now.) The airline told TMZ it wasn't a big deal when it did the promotion with the Timbers. Umm, no offense, but you're comparing U.S. soccer fans to one of the most rabid NFL fan bases in America.
  1. What if a family is traveling together? Does everyone, including the 15-month-old child, need to have a jersey on to skip the line? Will this somehow lead to couples breaking up because the woman wore her Wilson jersey while her husband had to board with group 77?
  1. When the airline says Wilson jersey-wearers can board early, how early are we talking? Surely not before military personnel, right? Hopefully before those wonky business schmoes who act like the airport is their personal taxi service. Certainly before disheveled sports writers.
  1. If I put tape over my Rick Mirer jersey, will anyone notice?

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