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Aikman: Cowboys' Romo is a better QB than I was

By Troy Aikman's logic, the good folks at the Pro Football Hall of Fame might as well start sculpting Tony Romo's bust right now.

Aikman, much to the dismay of this writer, told the The Brownsville Herald that the current Cowboys' starting quarterback plays the position better than he ever did.

"I think Tony already is a better quarterback than I was," Aikman said. "I know how quarterbacks are judged, but as far as his play-making ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to. He has a good team around him and hopefully, and I believe this will happen, I believe that he will win a Super Bowl before he is done playing."

If anything, Aikman was being nice just for the sake of being nice. He can't really believe this. He's a Hall of Famer with three Super Bowl rings. His leadership ability was never called into question. Romo is nowhere near Aikman's status -- not even if he wins one Super Bowl, as Aikman predicted.

This is insane. Cowboys fans, on no level can you possibly agree with this, can you?

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