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Agent: 'Nobody embodies Cleveland like Peyton Hillis'

We all remember Peyton Hillis missing the game against the Dolphinswith strep throat, correct? His agent is now saying that he initially advised the Browns running back not to take the field.

"The way Peyton plays the game, he needs all the elements of his physical game," Kennard McGuire told The Associated Press. "Him being sick, and the level of his sickness, is the equivalent of being injured.

"Not only could he have hurt himself but he could have hurt his team. Nobody embodies Cleveland like Peyton Hillis. If anyone wants to point a finger, point it at me."

McGuire acknowledged Hillis feels "underappreciated." He also owned up to the fact that contract talks are "on (Hillis') mind." But whispers in the locker room that Hillis skipped the game because of off-the-field business? Nonsense.

"He's human," McGuire said. "We all in life have a perceived value of our worth now, but we do believe that he's deserving of something that mirrors his production of last year."

So much drama over a little sore throat.

Time to put this one to bed, folks. Would the Browns really let Hillis -- a genuine class act -- slip away via botched contract talks? For the sake of their snakebitten fan base, let's hope not.

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