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After benching, Vikings' McNabb insists: 'I'm not a distraction'

Here we are again.

Donovan McNabb's back on the bench, and he's definitely not thrilled about this development, but he insists he's not making waves.

"I'm not a distraction at all," McNabb told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "I've known and seen a lot of things over my years. Obviously, I'm still upset and frustrated because I want to help contribute to the team and help us get to where we need to be.

"Am I pissed off about it? Of course. But pissed off to myself, knowing I could have played a lot better to help. Obviously, we have a lot of deficiencies on this team. We have to be able to fill holes we've had problems with throughout (the season). Personally, I just look at what I could have done better. But most importantly, (my role is) helping the young kid (Christian Ponder) have his confidence going on the field."

McNabb and Vikings coach Leslie Frazierboth denied Monday a report by NFL Network's Michael Lombardi suggesting that the quarterback's work ethic led to his benching. 

Neither can deny that his play contributed to it.

Did we expect McNabb to come in and pull a Brett Favre, Part II with the Vikings

This was a patch. One that's worn thin.

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