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Adrian Wilson hopes Kevin Kolb humbled by demotion

In one of life's inevitable moments, Kevin Kolb is back at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

John Skelton's injury was just the latest development in a roller-coaster ride that's seen both players spin in and out of the starter's job. We knew this team wouldn't go 16 weeks without flip-flopping signal-callers, and so did Kolb.

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"It was frustrating but I learned to stay positive and trust in the Lord," Kolb told's Jim Trotter. "I didn't sulk during the week. I tried to stay right and had a good week of practice. I figured I would get another chance. I just didn't expect it to happen this quickly."

Trotter spoke with Kolb's teammates, the men closest to this soap opera. Safety Adrian Wilson and defensive tackle Darnell Dockett have supported Kolb behind the scenes, and Wilson told Trotter he hoped Kolb's demotion lit a fire under the on-again, off-again quarterback.

"I hope it was very humbling for him," Wilson said. "I hope he understands what he has to do from this point forward. He has to play with that same type of edge all the time. It's not something that you do sometimes. It's an all-the-time thing. He had an OK preseason and didn't win the job, so now he has something to prove. There's a different level of 'want to.' So I hope it was very humbling for him."

Docket got into Kolb's ear after Skelton was named starter prior to Week 1 because he "knew (Kolb's) phone would ring at some point and we'd need him again."

Said Docket: "I wanted to be one of those guys who supported him even at his lowest, because when that time came for him to play again, even if others didn't believe in him, he could look at certain leaders and certain playmakers and know that they've got his back. That means a lot."

Especially today, with Kolb back on top and Skelton breathing down his neck all over again. This might never end.

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