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Adrian Peterson won't be traded by Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Adrian Peterson will not be traded, NFL Media columnist Michael Silver reported on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay Morning," according to two high-ranking team sources.

Ownership not only reveres Peterson, but it also believes his star power is essential as the Vikings prepare to open a new stadium in 2016. "They want him running through that tunnel," Silver said.

The Vikings understand that a running back with a ton of carries on his legs could experience a precipitous decline in production over the next couple of seasons. However, Vikings brass isn't worried about that possibility and wants him in Minnesota for the long haul.

Peterson would accept a trade if that was the road the Vikings decided to go down, a person close to him told Rapoport. However, A.P. doesn't want to leave Minnesota, despite the Dallas Cowboys talk

Trading Peterson always was a ludicrous idea for the Vikings. Turnarounds happen too quickly in the NFL to bail on a premier player. The haul Minnesota would receive for a running back wouldn't be enough to make it worth moving A.P. Let's not forget this is a team that was in the playoffs last season.

Good NFL teams work to collect game-changing talent. They don't trade it away.

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