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Adrian Peterson: Vikings 'just kind of out of whack'

The Minnesota Vikings all but ignored Adrian Peterson on Monday night, handing him the ball just 13 times in a grisly 23-7 loss to the New York Giants.

We mentioned Monday that Big Blue is better than advertised against the run, but when you have the finest running back on terra firma, why lean on anyone else? And why allow Josh Freeman to sling 53 passes (and predictably miss on a whopping 33)?

After the game, Peterson didn't complain about the thin workload, but he did point out the difference between this year's offense and the one that helped Minnesota get to the playoffs one season ago.

"We were more physical last year," Peterson said. "And that's one thing that stands out this year."

Peterson averaged just 2.1 yards per carry on a night he called "tough sledding" behind a line that couldn't blast holes.

"We just really couldn't get anything established up front, and that's where everything starts. We're just kind of out of whack," Peterson said. "(The Giants) were bringing some stunts and a lot of movement up front. Nothing we haven't seen before, but it kind of put us in an uncomfortable position and we just struggled with that all night."

Freeman was no help. His passes were a heavy dose of overthrows and off-target offerings that gave Vikings receivers no chance at making plays. New York keyed on Peterson and allowed Freeman to do -- or not do -- the rest. All in all, not a pretty formula for this season's Vikings.

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