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Adrian Peterson's lawyer says Vikings star a victim

Adrian Peterson's attorney says the Minnesota Vikings running back did not resist arrest over the weekend, blaming the Houston Police Department for an incident that briefly put the star behind bars.

We suggested earlier Monday that Peterson's decision to hire former Roger Clemens attorney Rusty Hardin was a sign that Peterson was ready to aggressively fight back in court. That much is clear after Hardin released a statement Monday, via's Ian Rapoport.

"Adrian Peterson did not resist arrest this past Saturday morning and any suggestion that he pushed, struck or shoved a Houston police officer is a total fabrication," the statement reads. "He, in fact, was struck at least twice in the face for absolutely no legitimate reason, and when all the evidence is impartially reviewed, it will clearly show Adrian was the victim, not the aggressor.

Adrian Peterson arrest rundown

In wake of Adrian Peterson's arrest Saturday, the lawyer for the star running back claims his client is the victim. **More ...**

"We have been investigating what happened since Saturday afternoon, and it is absolutely clear to me that the charges should not have been filed, and the Bayou Club owes Adrian an apology for having put out a totally false version of what happened. Adrian Peterson does not act the way he has been described in the initial reports and he did not act that way Saturday morning.

"He was only in that club for 30 to 40 minutes, was never objectionable to other patrons and never physically resisted any police officer. Adrian is extremely upset about these false allegations. These charges are totally at odds with the way he has conducted himself throughout his career, and he asks that his fans and the public at large reserve judgment until they hear all the facts. Adrian looks forward to his day in court."

The words couldn't be stronger. "Total fabrication. ... Totally false version. ... Adrian was the victim, not the aggressor."

Houston police told and NFL Network that Peterson would only get a fine for his misdemeanor resisting arrest charge and the case would be solved quickly. It sounds like Peterson and his lawyer are ready to extend the battle.

It's a fair point by Peterson's side to reserve judgment until more information is available. We don't need to have an immediate opinion on everything right away. This is a case where we need to know more.

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