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Adrian Peterson's father: Police used vulgar language

Adrian Peterson tweeted Sunday that the truth will surface in regard to his weekend arrest at a Houston nightclub.

We now have at least some of Peterson's side of the story, courtesy of his father.

Adrian Peterson arrest rundown

Nelson Peterson told the Pioneer Press on Monday that an off-duty police officer used "vulgar language" and was "disrespectful" when asking the Minnesota Vikings running back to leave the club.

"From what I've gathered, he was very disrespectful to Adrian," Nelson said by phone.

Nelson -- who was not at the club but is close to his son -- said Adrian Peterson suffered a black eye when his face hit the ground during his arrest. Nelson told the newspaper Peterson did not push the officer and said his son has "a high regard for people in the military and the officers that help protect us."

"The officer said he pushed him, shoved him, then why is he not charged with assault?" Nelson said. "Only charged with resisting arrest. Doesn't make sense."

Security cameras at the club reportedly captured the incident on tape, but it's unknown if it includes audio that backs Nelson's claims.

Houston Police Department spokesperson Kese Smith told and NFL Network on Monday that Peterson probably will end up with a fine because the charge against him is a misdemeanor.

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