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Adrian Peterson knows just how Eddie Lacy is feeling

Life has gotten a lot harder for Eddie Lacy in the past couple weeks.

Running lanes have sealed up for the Green Bay Packers rookie in losses to the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. It's no coincidence this has happened with quarterback Aaron Rodgers tethered to the sideline with a busted collarbone.

The Packers have faced seven or more defenders in the box nearly twice as often in the past two games, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Compare that to the first eight games, when the opposition needed to contend with Rodgers and Green Bay's deadly air attack.

Adrian Peterson knows Lacy's feeling all too well. The Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back has played with a collection of middling quarterbacks during his brilliant career, a reality that makes Peterson's incredible achievements even more impressive.

During a conference call with Wisconsin-area reporters Wednesday, Peterson talked about the difficulty of succeeding as a back when the opposing defense isn't showing respect for your team's vertical attack.

"Lacy, he had come in and helped their running game tremendously," said Peterson, whose Vikings head to Lambeau Field on Sunday. "But it shows with Aaron Rodgers not back there how big of a difference he makes and what he means to that offense. So that situation right there is a perfect one to look at."

Take a second and imagine what Peterson could do if he ever played with a quarterback of Rodgers' caliber. He would run for all the yards. All of them.

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