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Adam Gase: Denver Broncos' O can be better in 2014

The Denver Broncos' offense rewrote the record books last season, scoring the most points in NFL history.

Coordinator Adam Gase, one of the game's bright young minds, believes his offense can do even better in an encore performance this season.

"Oh yeah, we can be better. We can do some things better, we can make better calls, I can make better calls, I can get us in better situations," Gase said, via "There are some things we've got our eyes on."

Even if Peyton Manning believes his 2013 records will fall in an era of offensive explosion, he is unlikely to be the quarterback to pull off that feat.

It's not just that Manning will miss Eric Decker, who topped all qualifying wide receivers on deep passes as well as slot performance last season, per Pro Football Focus' advanced metrics.

More defenses will mimic the Seahawks' Super Bowl blueprint, taking away Manning's screen passes and underneath crossing routes.

While that's easier said than done, the Broncos' offseason moves suggest an awareness of a need for more physicality in 2014.

Montee Ball has replaced Knowshon Moreno, whose effectiveness plummeted following a 37-carry, 224-yard effort at New England in Week 12.

Moving massive right tackle Orlando Franklin inside to guard and touting Cody Latimer as the "best blocking wide receiver in the draft" are further acknowledgements that Denver must improve the efficiency of a ground attack that faces fewer defenders in the box than any in the league.

If a revamped running game enables the Broncos to better cope with physical defenses such as Seattle's, they can boast a better, more balanced offense -- even if they fail to set new records.

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