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Aaron Rodgers will know playing status by Thursday

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expects to know "definitively" by Thursday whether or not he can return to game action for Week 17 versus the Chicago Bears.

Speaking Tuesday on WAUK-AM's "The Aaron Rodgers Show," the quarterback revealed that he has undergone another scan on his collarbone in the last 24 hours. The Packers medical staff still is going through the evaluation process, with a "definitive conclusion" coming on Thursday.

"I am feeling better, not thinking about my injury at all," Rodgers added. "It comes down to ... is the bone healed or is there a large risk?"

Coach Mike McCarthyemphasized Monday that the decision on Rodgers' status will rest with the organization.

"This is something (general manager) Ted Thompson and I need to sit down and we need to assess all the information and to decide if it's time for him to play," McCarthy said Monday.

Rodgers undoubtedly desires to return to the field but is cognizant of the situation.

"Aaron wants to play, has wanted to play for the last couple of weeks. He fully accepts (and) understands everything going on with his injury, so this is really a decision for Ted Thompson and I, representing the organization. That's how it works."

Rodgers' situation is similar to players who battle concussion symptoms. No matter how badly he wants to play, he won't gain clearance until the medical tests come back clean.

We will know the results of those tests Thursday. Until then, fans of the Packers and Bears won't have a good handle on their team's chances of taking Sunday's win-and-in regular season finale.

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