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Aaron Rodgers' well-being essential to Packers' hopes

NFL Total Access" continues with its "32 teams in 32 days" series. We decided to score some brownie points by writing an accompanying post each night. We'll focus on one goal that each team needs to accomplish before Week 1.

Green Bay Packers must put Aaron Rodgers in bubble wrap

We could talk about the lack of depth in the Packers' backfield. The team's wide receiver battle should be fun to watch in camp. But really, what else matters other than Rodgers' health?

Rodgers is the best player in the NFL. His backup is a fourth-year undrafted quarterback who has never thrown a pass in the NFL. We think the world of Packers coach Mike McCarthy's quarterback-developing skills, but it's hard to imagine Graham Harrell winning games if something should happen to Rodgers. The Packers are standing strong behind Harrell and don't appear likely to add a veteran.

Yes, almost every team can't afford to lose a starting quarterback. But the drop-off isn't nearly as dramatic and most teams are not the 2012 Packers.

This Green Bay team is the most talented in the league. They have the most talented quarterback and a group of players in their primes who grew up together. They have unmatched continuity. It's the NFL, so anything could happen but the Packers are the Super Bowl favorites. It's not fair but anything less than a title will be a disappointment.

That's why August doesn't really matter that much for this Packers team. They are past that. Just get to the games that matter with Rodgers intact.

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