Aaron Rodgers vies for 1st Super Bowl tonight on FS1

Through 100 years of NFL chronicle, the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers have had different icons leading the way -- Hall of Famers and legends who claimed titles and Super Bowls.

Though the faces changed, the franchises have endured as two of the most successful and storied in league history. And on this February evening in 2011 -- which will be revisited tonight at 7 p.m. ET on FOX Sports 1 -- they collided in Super Bowl XLV.

Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers were looking to add on to the Steel City's championship legacy.

However, Aaron Rodgers was building his own legacy and taking it to another level as he'd navigated the Pack's ascension to a Super Bowl berth despite being only a No. 6 seed. Would the Packers win their fourth Super Bowl crown -- and would the magnificent Rodgers win his first?

Tune in tonight on FS1 to see.

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