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Aaron Rodgers: Saints' bounties crossed a line

We've seen no shortage of reaction to the New Orleans Saints' "bounty" scandal, but our ears perked up when Aaron Rodgers provided his two cents on the matter.

That's because the Packers quarterback, along with Cam Newton, Brett Favre and Kurt Warner, were among players targeted by former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his players.

"When you play this game you realize how violent it is and you also realize as a quarterback that the defense is trying to take shots and either rattle you a little bit to get you out of your rhythm or take you out of the game if they can," Rodgers said Thursday on "Rome," per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"However, I think the line is drawn when people knowingly take money for hits that cause injuries to another player. I think that's when the line gets crossed."

Rodgers hasn't been shy about sharing his opinions in the past. If anything, we're getting a tempered reaction here, but what more does he need to say?

Penalties have been handed down, with player punishments expected any time. For Rodgers, the reality is unchanged: NFL quarterbacks have always been marked men and they will continue to play that role deep into the future.

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