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Aaron Rodgers passes (for now) on 'SNL' hosting gig

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning might be the NFL's reigning king of the universe, but was he the second choice for "Saturday Night Live" this offseason?

It certainly sounds like it after listening to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' radio spot with 1090-AM in San Diego on Monday.

"I have been invited. I want to do it, I want to do it right," Rodgers said. "The commitment that it takes in my opinion to do it the right way was just too much for me this offseason, so I will be doing that in the future and look forward to the opportunity."

Rodgers is obviously a fan of the show, and you can safely assume he'll be watching Eli's star turn.

"Peyton Manning set the bar pretty high," he said, "so it will be interesting to watch Eli this week to see if he can live up to his brother's appearance on there."

And perhaps in reference to Lindsay Lohan's tepid performance earlier this year, Rodgers stressed the need to put all his focus on "SNL" when the opportunity comes.

"As we've seen, if you watch the show, you can tell the people who really put the time in on it, and the people who maybe couldn't make the same kind of commitment."

The recipe for a great "SNL" episode always goes back to the writing, so Eli, Rodgers or whomever must depend on the people behind the scenes to truly make it work (it's kind of like football in that sense). That said, if Rodgers has good material to work with, we don't doubt he could become the best athlete to ever host the show. He'd be the anti-Michael Phelps.

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