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Aaron Rodgers not worried about future with Packers

In a wide-ranging interview with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers discussed stardom, his faith, stood by his criticism of the level of play in the Pro Bowl, and perhaps most importantly to Packers fans, how he wants to spend his whole career in Green Bay.

Rodgers has three years and $29.25 million remaining on the five-year, $63.5 million extension signed during the 2008 season, his first season as the full-time starter in Green Bay. Since signing that contract, elite NFL quarterbacks, a group that Rodgers certainly belongs to, have signed contracts worth between $16 million and $19.2 million the last few seasons. 33-year-old New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees could push that to $20 million per year this offseason.

"I think they're an organization who is going to do what's best for the organization," Rodgers said of future contract talks with the Packers. "Obviously my representation, just like any representation, is trying to get the most money possible at times. I don't see it being an issue. I want to be a Packer for life and I don't see myself going anywhere else. I don't think they would even get close to that. When the negotiation time does come I have confidence in my representation and I know we're going to do a fair deal, it's fair for them and for me. And hopefully I'll feel good about it.

Rodgers, who is seven weeks younger than Cleveland Browns first round quarterback Brandon Weeden, also discussed how he'll know it's time to hang up his cleats, perhaps taking a little shot at the guy he replaced in Green Bay.

"I think it's got to be a combination of how my body feels and I've said it a few times over the years, when I'm not committed to being a 100 percent offseason guy, then that's probably when I should step away from the game because these guys deserve 100 percent of my effort and time."

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