Aaron Rodgers needs to be paid in full in next contract

Joe Flacco currently is the highest-paid quarterback in the world. All the handwringing about it is funny right now because in a few years, nearly a dozen other quarterbacks will sign huge-money contracts and those same critics will say Flacco is underpaid for his performance.

Or maybe Flacco will take a pay cut at some point and become an NFL martyr we all applaud for the ability to scuffle by on just a few million bucks.

But the point is some quarterbacks are going to be paid in full. And I will tell you I'm resisting the temptation to repeat some of the lyrics of Eric B. & Rakim's hip-hop classic, "Paid in Full." Perhaps the greatest song of the genre.

But enough about that. Here is a look at six quarterbacks who deserve a raise.

Oh, and if you're wondering why we have a photo of Tim Tebow up top. Funny story. My editor said, "We should figure out a way to work in Tim Tebow." And then I said, "I thought this was about quarterbacks." So there's your offseason humor. And let's be honest, you're not reading this part right now anyway. You likely raced ahead to the comments section to snark on Tebow. Ah, let's just get to the list.

And without further ado ...

All right, I'll humor Ryan here. He has helped the Falcons earn the top seed in the NFC twice during his career, and he finally won his first playoff game. But as Dave Dameshek points out, something seems off. But when you think of some of the alternatives out there, it might be smart to give him his money.



Tony Romo

Romo certainly has his critics. He only puts up fantasy numbers, and he can't win in the playoffs (which is funny because I could have just described Peyton Manning the same way and he makes $20 million). But being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys ain't all it's cracked up to be. You always will be a target. So much so, the Cowboys should get salary-cap relief because their signal-caller takes so much (expletive).



Andrew Luck

Am I jumping the gun with Luck? Perhaps. Do I care? Not so much. Yes, Luck is in just his second year after being the No. 1 overall draft pick. But realize, being the No. 1 overall draft pick doesn't command the loot it once did. The Colts have a franchise quarterback again. Tear up that rookie contract and get to it.



Russell Wilson

Many will wonder if Wilson can sustain his success in the NFL. Yet he clearly has outplayed his rookie contract as a third-round draft pick. In fact, Matt Flynn should be so ashamed of the money he's making compared to Wilson, he should put a Starbucks gift card in Russell's locker every day. Flynn probably should pick it up for him. Actually, barista might not be a bad vocation for Flynn.

Kaepernick is another guy who has far exceeded his rookie contract. A former second-round draft pick, he's an absolute bargain as a Super Bowl quarterback who is headed into his third NFL season. And sure, there are no guarantees Kaepernick can duplicate his success next season. Most contracts in the NFL aren't guaranteed, either, so consider it a push.



Aaron Rodgers

Does this really need an explanation? Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL right now, and he deserves to get paid like it. To be honest, I think he'd try to one-up the 'Flacco goes to McDonald's' meme. So at least pay him for that opportunity, if nothing else. But mostly the whole being-the-best-QB-in-the-world thing.


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