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Aaron Rodgers' leadership called out by Finley's agent

Blake Baratz, the agent for Green Bay tight end Jermichael Finley, probably delighted Packers fans with his online criticism of Jay Cutler. His related sideswipe at Aaron Rodgers -- a god in Milwaukee -- wasn't received as warmly.

Baratz lashed out at Cutler on Twitter after the Chicago Bears quarterback was critical of his teammates in a press conference following Thursday's loss to the Packers.

"Jay Cutler, u serious in ur press conf last night?U sound like a 6 yr old who just had his animal crackers taken. Quit being a bitch, own up," Baratz wrote on Friday.

Baratz isn't the first to question Cutler's demeanor on the sideline, his interaction with teammates and the general aura of crankiness surrounding the man.

"There's a major difference & drop off in leadership from Manning, Brees, Brady, to the next best QB's in the league. Cutler doesn't get it," Baratz followed up.

Baratz was badgered by followers about why he left Rodgers -- Finley's quarterback -- off that list.

"ARod is a great QB he isn't a great leader," Baratz wrote. "There's a major difference. Leaders take the blame & make every1 better. He doesn't."

You'd be challenged to find others who feel that way about Aaron Rodgers.

This is coming from an agent, not a member of the Green Bay Packers. Still, interesting territory for Baratz to tread, and probably not a great service to his client. Baratz states clearly on his Twitter account that his thoughts are his own, but going out of his way to prod Rodgers isn't a service to Finley, who hasn't exactly enjoyed a pleasure cruise with the team over the years.

Despite the online clamor, we're going to assume Rodgers isn't losing sleep over it.

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