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Aaron Rodgers got $35M signing bonus from Packers

Aaron Rodgers' record-setting contract was a relative bargain for the Green Bay Packers. That doesn't mean it was cheap.'s Albert Breer got a complete look at the contract, which includes a $35 million signing bonus. The length of the contract -- it's a five-year extension -- allows for Rodgers' salary-cap number to stay under $20 million until 2017. Packers general manager Ted Thompson, in typical style, did not mortgage the future whatsoever to pay Rodgers now.

Here are the details of Rodgers' salary, per year:

2013: $4.5M base salary; 500K workout

2014: $9.5M roster bonus (guaranteed); $900K base; $500K workout

2015: $9.5M roster bonus (guaranteed); $1M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2016: $11.5M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2017: $12.55M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

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2018: $19.8M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

2019: $20M base; $500K workout; $600K roster bonus (paid per game)

Rodgers' cap numbers are as follows: $12M; $17.9M; $18.6M; $19.6M; $20.65M; $20.9M; $21.1M.

The title of "highest-paid player in the NFL" only will last so long for Rodgers. Some quarterback is sure to pass him by 2015. This is a contract that looks great for both sides, and only will look better for the Packers over time.

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