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Aaron Kromer's Saints coaching stint could be audition

The New Orleans Saints faced an atypical scenario in Saturday night's 34-27 preseason victory over the Houston Texans.

Two head coaches. One sideline.

Interim coach Joe Vitt and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer -- who will replace Vitt during his six-game NFL suspension to start the season -- both need time in the role before the regular season. Saturday night, it was Kromer's turn.

"What we are going to do in this game is we are going to work together on the sideline and just work out the mechanics of being the offensive line coach and the acting head coach at the (same) time," Kromer told The Times-Picayune this week. "That is the whole function. How many red flags do we need? Do we need someone else to have a red flag other than myself to be able to throw it on the sideline if I am back talking to the offensive line or the offense."

Kromer says his goal is to keep the boat afloat until Vitt returns, but consider this a public audition for the young assistant. Kromer's name has been tossed around as future head-coaching material -- Drew Brees has echoed as much -- meaning this six-week temp job is more than a stopgap.

The "bounty" mess in New Orleans happened early enough in the offseason to allow the Saints to pick up the pieces (and put the unsuspended ones back in place). Plus, Kromer's fan base appears to be growing, if the Twitterverse is to be believed.

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