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Aaron Hernandez jerseys popular on secondary market

The New England Patriots will offer fans the opportunity to turn in their Aaron Hernandez jerseys this weekend in exchange for another player jersey of comparative value.

It's a slam-dunk PR move by the Patriots, who get to make Hernandez merchandise disappear while further distancing themselves from a former employee who's now accused of first-degree murder.

The Patriots are banking on the idea that fans can't get rid of their Hernandez gear fast enough. But not everyone is in purge mode when it comes to No. 81 jerseys.

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The Boston Globe reported Monday that a secondary market has emerged for Hernandez merchandise. John Lamothe, a Patriots fan in Florida, was going to donate his Hernandez jersey to charity before deciding to put it on eBay.

"I thought I might get $15 for it," Lamothe said.

The jersey sold for $289 on Sunday.

Lamothe isn't the only person turning a profit off Hernandez's sudden infamy. The Globe details several instances of individuals who are in line to make money off their Hernandez gear.

Sometimes the world does not make sense.

UPDATE: This is getting crazy. points out a Hernandez jersey going for $1,200 on eBay. Come on, America.

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