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A new Sanchize cracks the bottom six

It's Tuesday on, and that means it's time for the power rankings. But here on the Pick Six, we see things a little differently. While everybody is debating who should be called the NFL's best, let's not ignore the NFL's worst. Those are the teams we will be talking about once the draft gets closer.


And without further ado ...




The Jets controlled their own destiny a few weeks ago, so it looked pretty good. Well, until you realized that it was really Mark Sanchez who controlled the destiny of the Jets. The good news for Jets fans is that by Matt Barkley going back to school, it ensures that you won't waste another draft pick on a USC quarterback this year. Enjoy Peyton Manning next year. I'm sure that will be just as successful as other high-profile quarterbacks finishing their careers elsewhere like Johnny Unitas with the Chargers and Joe Namath with the L.A. Rams.
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I told you two weeks ago that the Colts were going to emulate the 1989 Packers, who blew their chance at Troy Aikman by winning in the closing weeks. But here's an interesting thought: With the top seeds resting their starters, shouldn't the Colts do the same thing by benching what remains of their good players? Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday and Dwight Freeney -- take the week off. Sign Braylon Edwards, and start Jeff George at quarterback. Do whatever it takes to secure that top pick in the draft. This is no time to fool around.
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Blaine Gabbert might never get a fair shake in Jacksonville because he's not Tim Tebow, Jaguars fans should at least allow Gabbert to have a full offseason and possibly a rookie like Justin Blackmon to throw to before rendering a verdict.
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With all of the draft picks it secured, the Browns could be in a great position to move up in the draft for the first overall pick, which is totally should do. And while you might be down right now Cleveland, think about this: At least you aren't begging fans to show up to a game with playoff implications. So you have that going for you.
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Do you know what they do with stuff like the SteelersSuper Bowl XLV gear which they have to make but obviously can't give away? They donate the clothing around the world to people of need. This means, there will be a group of people one day running around in "Youngry" gear, clothing based on the catch-phrase of Bucs coach Raheem Morris. This is a lesson as to why you don't try to make up your own catch-phrases.
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FSt. Louis has done everything it can to secure this spot, but will it be enough for the first pick in the draft? Seriously, it was a genius move putting Kellen Clemens in at quarterback to ensure there would be no chance of winning. But St. Louis is like that kid in Diggstown who was a little too obvious when taking a dive. At least pretend like you're trying to stop the other team, you're making us look bad. The San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan find it repulsive that a team would mail it in so bad for a first-overall pick.
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