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A mea culpa to 49ers fans: ATL's Power Poll

I upset a lot of San Francisco 49ers fans this preseason because I was the only one of 16 writers to pick the Seattle Seahawks to win the NFC West.

They have let me hear about it every day since. Forget for a moment that 10 more surprising things happen every season than the 49ers not winning the division. (The 49ers going 13-3 last season for instance. Or the fact only one division champ repeated last year.) Forget that it's only two weeks into the season and the Seahawks just came off a very impressive win.

To the 49ers faithful out there, I would just like to say this: No team has looked better in the first two games this season. Alex Smith's strong training camp has carried over. The passing game is more of a weapon, and the running game is the hardest to prepare for in football. The continuity on defense has helped them pick right up where they left off.

San Francisco is No. 1 in our Power Poll, and that's where they deserve to be. You can see all 13 analysts' picks right here and check out my 32 below. I plan to hold my position as the last analyst listed on the Power Poll page all season. Very proud.

Notes: With only six 2-0 teams, there's a lot of room for playing favorites here. I still believe in the Patriots, Ravens and Steelers as elite teams. (Just like I did before the year.) I'm buying in on the NFC West as a new power division. I expected the 49ers and Lions to take a step back this year. Detroit has done nothing to convince me otherwise.

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